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Sapele Bathtub Surround

 Sapele Bath Tub Surround

Ribbon Stripe Mahogany Entertainment Center

Ribbon Stripe Mahogany Entertainment Center

Quarter Sawn Oak Built in Side Board / Buffet

Quarter Sawn Oak Built in Side Board / Buffet

  Neither is it the right angle, which me attracts, nor the straight line, hard, inflexible, made by men.
What attracts me is the curve, free and sensual, the curve I find in the mountains of my country, in the winding course of its rivers, in the waves of the sea, in the body of the beloved woman.
The universe is made out of curves - the curved universe of Einstein.

- Oscar Niemeyer


To illustrate Neimeyer’s point, how many straight lines and right angles do you see as this man gazes into the sunset across the Charles River?

Visually speaking, lines tend  to terminate into the next perpendicular object suggesting finiteness.  The more square the the space and the more square the objects you find in a space, the more it feels like you’re stuck in a box;  the worst being an office cubicle.

Ah, but for the gentle curve we escape mediocrity.  Curves carry a theme with grace and subtly fade into the next. 

Curves have their own beauty but do not impose.

In he realm of artistic carpentry, curves require a great amount of skill and take considerably more time and expense to accomplish.  In the end it is all worth it.  The artisan who created the art has made a little something out of his heart that will outlive him, and the one who commissioned the art will be enriched with grace and beauty every day.