A Word to the Wise- Articles of Advice on Carpentry, Woodworking and All Things Around the Home

;klasdfJCS Carpentry & Woodworking is the place to get “HOLY COW!
custom cabinets, doors, built in entertainment centers for widescreen
televisions, bars, bookcases, fireplace surrounds, tub surrounds, high end
finishes, home improvements and one of a kind designs, all built from
scratch in North Central Massachusetts.

JCS Creates one of a kind and custom cremation urns.

This section “A Word to the Wise” is not only articles of advice on how to make good cabinetry and woodwork decisions, but about all things around the home including some how to and DYI (do it yourself) information.We know how to do just about anything around the house so if we don’t cover it and you are stumped on something, feel free to…


Experts are welcome to jump in.