Cabinet Anatomy, Design, Price and Categorization of Cabinet Types

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"The woodworker is slow, but the wood is patient."

-Old Chinese Proverb


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Chances are you’re here because you’ve found that pricing cabinetry is a quagmire of complexity.  Who can know the mysteries of cabinet pricing?

When you opened this Pandora’s box,  you thought, "Hey, I’m gonna go check out some cabinets; boxes with doors and shelves."  Boy oh boy, weren’t you shocked?

A quality cabinet in reality can be quite complicated.  In some cases, a single cabinet can be composed of hundreds of parts with each part hand crafted with great attention to detail. Cabinetry and woodwork make a house something to be proud of.

In order to understand cabinet pricing, one must understand the difference between types of cabinets.  This section will address three types:

  • Artistic Specialized Custom Cabinets Since there are never any two projects alike by the very nature of this category, this link will walk you through a couple of example projects to explain what is involved in building these types of cabinets and how a price is determined.  Specialized custom cabinets that are designed artistically are our forte.
  • Problem Resolving  Specialized Custom Cabinets:  These are similar to the above category with the exception of being designed to conceal eyesores, utilize awkward spaces, or create double uses.
  • Modular:  Cookie Cutter cabinets typically offered by cabinet showrooms and big box stores such as Home Depot and Lowes and are generally manufactured by third party companies.  JCS does not offer third party cookie cutter cabinets but does offer a hybrid solution that is superior to modular but most often costs less.  We call it Semi Custom (Below).  
    • Slumlord Specials:  Bottom of the barrel modular cabinets.  These are the inventoried units that are stocked on the other aisle in big box stores, or in the scratch and dent stores.  We won’t waste time on these except to acknowledge them as modular.
  • Semi-Custom:  These are easier to determine in price because there are more standard sizes and predictable factors involved.  JCS offers these as a competitively priced  option that is a hybrid between Specialized and Modular.  This option is perfect for do-it-yourselfers who desire Rolls Royce results on a Honda Budget.  (Concise Guide on How JCS Can Build Better Cabinets for 30 per cent Less than the Big Box Stores)

You can use the above hyperlinks or the sidebar  pictures as portholes to explore each option.